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High quality belt - perfect for frequent travellers
von am 06.08.2019
As an airline pilot I have to pass airport security frequently so I had been seeking a belt I can pass the security without taking the belt off. I am happy I found Flyerbelt. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it perfectly fulfilled my expectations. I can pass the security without taking the belt off and it is a good looking and good quality product.

In addition the customer support is superb. There was some minor issue with the post (not the fault of Flyerbelt) and they were immediately there to help out so it got sorted very quickly.
Perfect travel companion
von am 29.05.2018
Flyerbelt has been my faithful companion on several trips this year already. It has been a smooth experience at every airport, including: NCE, LHR, CMB, ORY, CDG, TUN and DJE.
Sehr gutes Produkt
von am 06.04.2018
Ich benutze das Produkt täglich zum Passieren des Metalldetektors im Rechenzentrum, in dem ich arbeite.
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